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PostSubject: Vespoid   Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:53 am


Nickname:Buzzing Stalkers, Vesp
Type of Monster:Neopteron
Secondary Status:Paralysis
Cut Weakness:N/A
Impact Weakness:N/A
Elemental Weakness:Poison
Weakness sign:N/A
Habitats:Almost all Minergarde
Related with:Queen Vespoid
Cutable/Breakable Parts:None
Shock Trap:No
Pitfall Trap:No
Flash Bomb:Yes
Sonic Bomb:No
Shiny Drop:None

Vespoids are known to be a nuisance for hunters, due to their stingers that flinch hunters, causing them to be exposed to any other attacks. Their stingers are loaded with neuro-toxin that paralyzes foes. They are normally placed near rocky-walls and caves and found almost everywhere. Controlled by Queen Vespoid, they are found alone in some places but appear in large numbers when with their leader.

•Having a low resilience to most forms of damage, Vespoids will generally disintegrate when struck with a blow from a relatively powerful weapon.

• Thus, common practice throughout hunters to harvest the bounty of these insectoids is the use of poison smoke bombs for more widespread desalination or to inflict poison onto a single foe and allow them drop slowly.

•Even if poison is not applied, there still exists a slim chance for successful carve, if the body doesn't shatter.

• Usually found meekly permeating nearly every area of lower-ranked missions, Vespoids grow more formidable in G-ranked missions, withstanding more damage from direct attacks and surviving longer against poisons.

• They are also known to infinitely spawn near ledges of certain areas, giving no unfair advantage to height-exploiting Gunners.

•Vespoids are commonly hunted for useful Monster Fluid and rare Vespoid abdomen, which allow creation of some of the only bowguns capable of firing Dragon S ammunition for Gunners.
-Parts of these monsters are also used to craft specific sets of armor and the Insector series of Dual Swords. Vespoid items are needed to make the Sonic Bow series, along with Hornetaur items, and to make Hunting Horn Sonic Glass

•With the release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, all Vespoids received a large accuracy increase. They are now intelligent enough to fly close to you without flying past you. They are also able to follow you up ladders and do more precise hit and run attacks.

•A new enemy, the Queen Vespoid, was also added. Originally, this was just a very large Vespoid in MHF2, and also a extremely big Vespoid in the offline training missions in Monster Hunter 2.

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