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 MHP3rd Monster Main List

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PostSubject: MHP3rd Monster Main List   Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:54 am

MHF3: Monster List
Confirmed 1st Gen monsters: Bullfango, Rathalos, Rathian, Diablos, Aptonoth
Confirmed 2nd Gen monsters: Anteka, Bulldrome, Nargacuga, Tigrex
Confirmed 3rd Gen monsters: Bnahabra, Great Jaggi, Great Baggi, Qurupeco, Barroth, Gigginox, Agnaktor, Royal Ludroth, Barioth, Uragaan, Giggi, Altaroth, Delex , Rhenoplos, Jaggi, Jaggia
New monsters include:
Gagua (Bird Wyvern): An ostrich-like minion commonly found in the Mountain Stream.
Aoashira (Pelagus): A blue bear monster with powerful arms.
Jinouga (Fanged Wyvern): A thunder wolf wyvern who is quite agile and uses lightning to power itself up.It's also the Flagship-Monster of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
Urukususu (Pelagus): A white rabbit-bear monster from the Tundra region who uses its belly to slide around.
Dosufurogi (Bird Wyvern): Similar to the Great Jaggi, this alpha raptor uses poison stored in its neck sac.
Furogi (Bird Wyvern): The Dosufurogi equivalent of Jaggi.
Black Tigrex (Flying Wyvern): A Tigrex subspecies in the volcano with a greatly upgraded roar.
Zuwaroposu (Herbivore): A green rhino-like Herbivore in the Flooded Forest.
Hapurubokka (Leviathan): A desert Leviathan similar to Gobul in structure.
Rangurotora (Pelagus): A volcanic Pelagus that looks like an Armadillo. Rolls and attacks with its tongue.
Barroth Subspecies (Brute Wyvern): A subspecies to the Barroth that's covered in Ice and lives in the Tundra.
Royal Ludroth Subspecies (Leviathan): A subspecies to the Royal Ludroth that is colored purple with a pink mane.
Qurupeco Subspecies (Bird Wyvern): A subspecies to the Qurupeco. This subspecies has no visible throat sac and an array of different colors.

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MHP3rd Monster Main List

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